Steve Yzerman

Steve Yzerman is one of the greatest NHL players ever, so discover more about his life, achievements and legacy as Detroit Red Wings captain and Tampa Bay Lightning executive.


Steve Yzerman is an NHL icon and one of the greatest players ever seen in action. For nearly two decades he led his beloved Detroit Red Wings to three Stanley Cup championships under his leadership and numerous other honors and awards including being inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, winning two Olympic gold medals as part of Team Canada, and receiving an Order of Canada medal – and his legacy lives on through serving as general manager for Tampa Bay Lightning – so here we will delve into his incredible career further! This article will detail his incredible career more fully!

Early Life and Career

Steve Yzerman is an esteemed Canadian former professional ice hockey player and current general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning of the National Hockey League (NHL). Widely considered one of the greatest players ever seen on an NHL rink.

Yzerman was born in Cranbrook, British Columbia on May 9, 1965 and began playing hockey early – joining his hometown team, The Nepean Raiders at age 10. Soon thereafter his talent became clear, leading him to be drafted by OHL team Peterborough Petes where he spent four seasons prior to being chosen fourth overall by Detroit Red Wings at 1983 NHL Entry Draft.

Yzerman had an extraordinary 22-season career with the Red Wings from 1983-2006. In this period he won three Stanley Cups (1997, 1998 and 2002) along with multiple individual awards like being selected to eight All-Star Teams and receiving two Lester B. Pearson Awards – not to mention being chosen captain for Team Canada during its gold medal victory at 2002 Winter Olympics.

In 2006, Yzerman retired from playing hockey and took up management with the Detroit Red Wings organization where he served as Vice President. In 2010 he moved on to be General Manager for Tampa Bay Lightning – under which they have gone on to win another Stanley Cup (in 2019!) as well as making many playoff appearances since.

Steve Yzerman has earned an impeccable reputation over his nearly three-decade playing and managing career, garnering his place among hockey’s most esteemed figures.

Detroit Red Wings Years

Steve Yzerman stands as one of the most iconic figures in Detroit Red Wings history. A native of Nepean, Ontario and drafted fourth overall by Detroit in 1983, Yzerman went on to become an iconic member of their roster over 22 seasons with them, scoring 692 goals and 1,063 assists for 1,755 points total across his tenure with them and leading them to three Stanley Cup Championships (1997, 1998 and 2002) during which time he captained them and received three Conn Smythe Trophies as playoff MVP award each time!

Yzerman had an impactful impact on the Red Wings beyond his time on the ice, serving as an executive from 2006-10 and eventually General Manager and then Vice President during that period before eventually inducting into the Hockey Hall of Fame alongside teammate Nicklas Lidstrom in 2017.

Steve Yzerman will forever remain in the hearts of Detroit Red Wings hockey fans as an outstanding leader of both on-ice success and organizational excellence. His contributions earned him a place among some of hockey’s great players and executives alike.

Tampa Bay Lightning GM

Steve Yzerman is synonymous with success and excellence, particularly in Tampa Bay. A former Detroit Red Wings captain and Hall-of-Famer, Steve was recently selected to become General Manager of the Lightning franchise he once captained – commencing this role on May 2018.

Under Yzerman’s direction, the Lightning have become one of the most successful teams in hockey. His first season as General Manager saw them achieve their best regular season record ever (62-16-4) and make only their second ever Stanley Cup Final appearance ever – this past season saw an even more impressive 54-23-5 mark and another trip back into the Final.

Yzerman has proven his ability to make smart moves that benefit his team without breaking the bank or giving up too much talent. He has executed trades that have improved both current and future prospects while signing key free agents like Kevin Shattenkirk and Pat Maroon who have immediately contributed to their team’s success.

Steve Yzerman brings both business savvy and championship experience to this role, making him an ideal fit for an organization whose fanbase has long been waiting to see them win a Stanley Cup since 2004. Under Steve Yzerman’s guidance, Tampa Bay should remain one of hockey’s premier teams for many years to come.

International Play

Steve Yzerman has established himself as one of the greatest international players throughout his long and distinguished career. Drafted fourth overall by Detroit Red Wings in 1983, Yzerman quickly made an impactful presence on the ice, earning seven All-Star selections and three Stanley Cup Championship victories with Detroit.

Yzerman also achieved international success. Representing Canada in four World Championships, winning two gold and one silver medals; then as team captain at Salt Lake City Olympics scoring nine points over six games to lead Team Canada to an Olympic Gold Medal victory – an achievement no other Canadian athlete had previously accomplished!

Yzerman continued his success when he joined Team Canada at the 2004 World Cup of Hockey tournament, scoring seven points over eight games and leading Canada to victory against Finland in the championship game. Subsequently, he was chosen for Canada’s 2006 Olympic team where he notched five points over eight games to lead Team Canada to another gold medal win.

Steve Yzerman stands as one of the great players in hockey, as evidenced by his achievements during international play. His leadership and skill earned him respect from some of hockey’s finest, while his legacy will live on for many years to come.

Awards and Honors

In 2000, Yzerman was honored with the King Clancy Memorial Trophy for his leadership skills and humanitarian initiatives off of the ice.

Additionally, he won the Conn Smythe Trophy as Most Valuable Player during Stanley Cup playoffs 1998. Additionally, in 2008 Yzerman was inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame before ultimately earning entry into The Hockey Hall of Fame 2009.


Since retiring as a professional hockey player in 2006, Steve Yzerman has had an exceptional post-retirement career. After spending four years as Vice President and General Manager for the Detroit Red Wings, Yzerman was appointed Executive Director for Team Canada Men’s Olympic Hockey team and led them to gold medal victories at both 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympic games.

In 2013, Yzerman returned to his previous position with the Red Wings as Executive Vice President and Alternate Governor, until leaving in 2018 to become General Manager for Tampa Bay Lightning. While at Tampa Bay Lightning, he has been widely credited with leading them to six playoff appearances and ultimately one Stanley Cup victory in 2020.

Beyond his hockey role, Yzerman serves on numerous boards such as Hockey Canada, The Detroit Red Wings Foundation, Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation and United Way Toronto & York Region. His dedication off-ice has earned him many honors including being recognized with inductions into both the Hockey Hall of Fame and Ontario Sports Hall of Fame in 2009.

Steve Yzerman’s post-retirement career stands as testament to both his sporting excellence and humanitarianism – testaments of both leadership traits that he displayed both on and off the ice.


Steve Yzerman became famous during his illustrious career for his impeccable work ethic and dedication to excellence. He set an exemplary example for everyone around him by working tirelessly at improving himself and striving for greatness in all areas of life, not only hockey. His enthusiasm was contagious, inspiring generations of players to pursue their goals with persistence and effort.

Steve Yzerman left an indelible mark beyond his hockey playing days. His legacy lives on instilling an organization-wide culture of perseverance, teamwork, and respect – qualities which continue to serve current and future hockey players who aspire to reach new heights while upholding high standards both on and off the ice.

Steve Yzerman will go down as one of the greatest hockey legends ever. His legacy will live on through those who seek to follow in his footsteps.


Conclusion Yzerman stands out among his NHL peers as an exceptional leader and general manager who has enjoyed immense success both as a player and general manager. His leadership style was widely admired among his peers, while his success at building championship teams made him one of the finest front office executives ever seen in hockey. His mark will continue to leave an imprint in hockey for decades to come and he will always be remembered fondly as one of the greatest captains ever donned a Red Wings jersey.

As well as his achievements on the ice, Steve Yzerman has also been actively involved with numerous charitable organizations during his career. This included founding The Steve Yzerman Foundation which raises money for Michigan children’s charities. Furthermore, from 1999-2002 he served as Ambassador of UNICEF Canada and continues supporting their mission today.

Steve Yzerman will live on forever as an indelible memory as an NHL Hall-of-Famer player, executive, leader and philanthropist. His legacy lives on through future generations of hockey players and fans who admire his passion for the game and commitment to helping those less fortunate than himself. Few have had such an immense influence over professional sports in North America as Steve Yzerman has.

Frequently asked questions

Who is Steve Yzerman?

Steve Yzerman is a Canadian professional ice hockey executive and former player. Yzerman currently serves as General Manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning in the National Hockey League (NHL), having spent most of his NHL career as captain for two decades with Detroit Red Wings from 1986 until 2006. During that period he led them to three Stanley Cup championships (1997, 1998 and 2002) before being inducted into Hockey Hall of Fame in 2009.

What awards and accolades has Steve Yzerman won?

Steve Yzerman has earned numerous honors during his illustrious career. He holds three Stanley Cup Championships, four NHL All-Star selections and two Conn Smythe Trophy awards (playoff MVP). Additionally, in 2009 he was honored by being inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Additionally he won various individual awards such as Lester B. Pearson Award (now Ted Lindsay Award) for Most Outstanding Player, Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy Award (continuance and dedication to hockey), Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy awarding perseverance and dedication in 2003, and finally receiving NHL Foundation Player Award (in 2006).

How long did Steve Yzerman play in the NHL?

Steve Yzerman played 22 seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL), from 1983 to 2006. Throughout that time, he spent all his time with the Detroit Red Wings and is widely regarded as one of the greatest players ever seen on an NHL ice surface.

What teams has Steve Yzerman been associated with during his career?

Steve Yzerman has had an extensive and distinguished career with three teams during his lifetime. Drafted by the Detroit Red Wings in 1983 and retiring as a player after 20 seasons of play in 2006, Steve later served as an executive with them from 2006-10 before taking on the General Manager position of Tampa Bay Lightning until 2018; at which point he became Senior Advisor before returning home as Executive Vice President and General Manager for his original club once more in April 2019 when appointed Executive Vice President and General Manager again.

How successful was Steve Yzerman as a player and manager?

Steve Yzerman achieved great success both as a player and manager. On the ice, he is widely considered one of the great hockey players ever; winning three Stanley Cups with Detroit Red Wings, being selected to ten NHL All-Star teams, winning both Conn Smythe Trophy and Lester B. Pearson Award and representing Canada internationally multiple times, leading Team Canada to Olympic gold in 2002.
Steve Yzerman enjoyed great success as both a manager and player, including serving as general manager for the Tampa Bay Lightning from 2010-2018 – leading them twice to reach the Stanley Cup Finals before winning it once in 2020. Additionally, he led Team Canada to two World Championships and an Olympic gold medal win in 2014. All told, Steve Yzerman has led an exceptional career both as player and manager.

What are some of the most memorable moments from Steve Yzerman's career?

1. Winning the Stanley Cup in 1997: Steve Yzerman led his Detroit Red Wings team to a historic Stanley Cup win in 1997 after 42-years without one, taking home both leadership and clutch scoring honors to earn him the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP.

2. Olympic Gold Medal in 2002: Yzerman was part of Team Canada’s gold-medal-winning squad at the 2002 Winter Olympics, helping set up Sidney Crosby’s golden goal against United States overtime to claim victory for Team Canada.

3. Captaincy of Team Canada 2010: At age 40, Yzerman assumed captaincy of Team Canada at the 2010 Winter Olympics, leading them to another gold medal victory over rival Team USA and cementing his legacy as one of hockey’s all-time greats.

4. Hall of Fame Induction 2009: In 2009, Yzerman became only the 10th player from Detroit to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame and one of only five to have his number retired by both Red Wings and Lightning franchises (his other NHL team).

What type of leadership style did Steve Yzerman employ when managing teams?

Steve Yzerman used collaborative leadership techniques when leading teams. He was widely respected for creating an inclusive atmosphere where all members had their say, with input being taken into consideration when making decisions and included as decision makers. Steve encouraged teamwork and communication among his players while building trust through mutual respect; in addition, he believed strongly in developing individual talents so as to increase overall team success.

What is the legacy that Steve Yzerman has left behind in the hockey world?

Steve Yzerman is widely recognized as one of the greatest NHL players ever and left an indelible mark on the game. During 22 years with Detroit Red Wings – winning three Stanley Cups and nine All-Star selections while being inducted into Hockey Hall of Fame – Steve made history and will always be remembered fondly.
Yzerman was renowned for his leadership qualities, often setting an example to his teammates both on and off the ice. A consummate professional, he strived to be better each year; his dedication and work ethic contributed greatly to Red Wings success during his tenure.
As well as his achievements as a player, Yzerman has also had an impactful presence off of the ice. After retiring as a player he became vice president of hockey operations with Detroit before taking over general manager duties for Tampa Bay in 2010. While with Tampa Bay Yzerman helped turn them into one of the premier teams by making smart trades and free agent signings.
Overall, Steve Yzerman has built an exceptional legacy that will continue to be remembered fondly for many years to come.

How did Steve Yzerman contribute to the development of young players throughout his career?

Steve Yzerman earned an exceptional reputation throughout his career for serving as a mentor and leader to young players. Known for providing guidance and support to them while developing their skills both on and off the ice, he was instrumental in designing various programs designed to boost players’ performance such as skill development camps and clinics; furthermore, he established a culture of hard work and dedication among his young charges that inspired them to strive for excellence on the ice – this impact can still be felt today with many current NHL stars crediting him with helping them reaching their full potential!

Is there any advice that Steve Yzerman gave to aspiring hockey players?

Yes, Steve Yzerman has offered advice to aspiring hockey players. One of his famous quotes is, “Work hard and strive for excellence in everything you do.” Additionally, he stresses the importance of maintaining a positive outlook, staying focused on your goals without allowing setbacks derail your efforts, practicing often without giving up and remembering that hockey is just a game! Last but not least, Steve stresses having fun while playing while always remembering it’s just a game!

In what ways has Steve Yzerman contributed to the growth of hockey globally?

Steve Yzerman has made an indelible mark on hockey’s global development as the General Manager of Team Canada, overseeing teams that won gold medals at both 2010 and 2014 Olympic Games and helping spread hockey throughout the globe. Team Canada won the 2016 World Cup of Hockey under his leadership, further underscoring his commitment to developing hockey globally. As well as making an impactful contribution to youth hockey through grassroots initiatives such as Hockey Canada’s Learn To Play program – encouraging children to get involved with playing hockey by providing resources and training opportunities – Steve Yzerman made a tremendous mark on global hockey by contributing his leadership roles and initiatives to its advancement.

What charitable initiatives has Steve Yzerman been involved with over his lifetime?

Steve Yzerman has long been involved with charitable initiatives throughout his life. He is an active supporter of the Detroit Red Wings Foundation, which works to improve lives for children and families throughout Michigan. Furthermore, he established the Steve Yzerman Family Fund at the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan to benefit local charities; Hockey Helps Kids uses hockey as a teaching tool and focus for physical activity among underprivileged youth; furthermore supporting United Way, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Special Olympics etc.

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