Mark Messier

Mark Messier, a Hall of Fame participant and six-time Stanley Cup champion, is hockey's iconic figure. Read on to gain more insight into his remarkable accomplishments, career, and impact in the NHL.


Mark Messier was one of the greatest and most acclaimed hockey players ever, earning six Stanley Cup championships, two Olympic Gold Medals, and being inducted into the NHL Hall of Fame during his 25-year career with four different teams. Messier was known for his leadership on and off the ice; as well as helping others beyond hockey. This article will delve into his remarkable life story as it helps shape hockey today.

Early Life and Career

Mark Messier is one of the greatest hockey players of all time. Born in Edmonton, Alberta on January 18, 1961 and first playing junior hockey with St Albert Saints before becoming professional when drafted by World Hockey Association’s Indianapolis Racers in 1978.

Messier began his professional hockey career by joining Edmonton Oilers from 1979 to 1991, winning five Stanley Cup championships and earning two Hart Trophies as Most Valuable Player. From there he moved onto New York Rangers where he won a sixth Stanley Cup championship en route to becoming Captain until 1997 – finally returning back home for two more seasons before calling it quits in 2005.

Messier was known for being an exceptional leader and fierce competitor who brought out the best in his teammates both on and off the ice. His accomplishments include six Stanley Cup championships, two Hart Trophies, fifteen All-Star Game appearances and multiple NHL records such as most points scored by a center (1,887), most playoff points (295) and most regular season games played (1,756).

Mark Messier was honored with an overwhelming majority vote of approval by members of the Hockey Hall of Fame selection committee in 2007. Today he remains one of hockey’s great legends and an inspiration to aspiring players all around the globe.

Messier's Stanley Cup Wins

Mark Messier stands among the greats of hockey history. A six-time Stanley Cup Champion for both Edmonton Oilers and New York Rangers teams, Messier was an invaluable leader on each squad he joined and was recognized with the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP award in 1984.

Messier was an outstanding hockey player who demonstrated both skill and determination on the ice throughout his 25 seasons with Edmonton, New York, Vancouver and Rangers – amassing 1,887 points while scoring 694 goals over that span. Messier also demonstrated leadership by capturing both Oilers and Rangers teams to Stanley Cup victories.

Messier is testament to his skill. He ranks second only to Wayne Gretzky for all-time NHL scoring records and was honored with induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2007. Additionally, Messier helped Canada claim gold at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

Messier’s achievements stand as testament to his greatness as one of hockey’s all-time great players. With five Stanley Cup victories with Edmonton and one with New York under his belt, Messier cemented his legacy as an impact player who could change games singlehandedly.

Messier as Captain of the New York Rangers

Mark Messier stands as one of the greatest captains in hockey history. Throughout his illustrious career he captained both Edmonton Oilers and New York Rangers; but it was with them where he truly made an impressionful statement.

Messier was appointed captain of the Rangers in 1991, taking over for Kelly Kisio. Within weeks he established himself as a strong leader on and off the ice, helping transform them from perennial cellar dwellers into Stanley Cup contenders. Messier led by example as captain, playing through injuries with dedication while setting an example for his teammates with his work ethic and work ethic.

Messier achieved his crowning achievement as captain during 1994 when he famously guaranteed victory against New Jersey Devils in Game 6 of Eastern Conference Finals, leading them onward to defeat Vancouver seven games to one and claim Stanley Cup for first time since 1940. Messier received Conn Smythe Trophy as Playoff MVP after leading all players with 30 points (11 goals, 19 assists).

Messier served as captain until 1997, when he decided to move on to Vancouver. Even though his time with New York may have been brief, Messier left an impactful legacy as he helped bring Lord Stanley’s Cup back home and cemented himself as an icon within Ranger history forever.

Mark Messier's Legacy

Messier will always remain an icon among hockey fans everywhere, as his presence and impact still resonate today among current players who lead their teams and approach their craft with great care and precision. Messier changed hockey irrevocably and will forever remain part of its fabric.

Awards and Achievements

Mark Messier was one of the greatest ice hockey players ever. Over his illustrious career, he won six Stanley Cup championships and received numerous honors and awards. At least twice during his career, he won both the Hart Memorial Trophy and Lester B. Pearson Award given by the NHL Players’ Association as recognition of being the league’s most valuable player. Furthermore, he was recognized with two Conn Smythe Trophies, given to players for MVP performances during Stanley Cup playoffs. Messier became one of only seven players ever honored with induction into both the Hockey Hall of Fame and Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, in addition to Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and British Columbia Hockey Hall of Fame inductions. Mark Messier received the Order of Canada for his contributions to hockey and charitable work worldwide in 2007. Over his long and celebrated career, Messier established himself as one of ice hockey’s premier athletes with an impressive list of achievements.

Post-Playing Career

Mark Messier made an indelible mark upon retiring in 2005 from playing hockey. Since then, Messier has gone on to pursue an exceptional post-playing career; appointed special assistant to President and General Manager at New York Rangers before later being promoted as Senior Advisor for Hockey Operations for that team in 2015.

Messier also serves as an ambassador for NHL events like the All-Star Game and Stanley Cup Finals, regularly participating in charity golf tournaments, celebrity hockey games and fundraising events to raise money for various causes. Furthermore, he is engaged in multiple social initiatives designed to improve health and wellness among children.

Messier has long been recognized for his commitment to youth hockey by various organizations, with induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2007 and receiving an honorary degree from St. Lawrence University in 2011.

Furthermore, his legacy continues to live on through post-playing career ventures that reflect his dedication to giving back to the hockey community.

Personal Life

Messier was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. In 2000 he married Kim Clark; together they have two children: Lyon (daughter) and Douglas (son). Messier has two additional sons from a previous relationship – Louis and Ryan who are Lyon and Douglas’ half brothers.

Messier is involved with several charities, including the Mark Messier Foundation which supports youth initiatives in health, education and recreation programs across Canada. He is also an ambassador of Right To Play International which uses sports as an effective way of informing children worldwide of important issues like HIV/AIDS awareness.

Messier enjoys both charity work and golf – playing regularly at his Edmonton course and travelling with his family during vacations.

Mark Messier embodies his success on the ice in both his personal and professional lives; he dedicates much of his time to helping others while enjoying time off with family and friends away from the rink.


Mark Messier will always be remembered fondly as one of the NHL’s greatest legends. His dedication, hard work, and perseverance set an exemplary standard for aspiring hockey players everywhere. Messier led both on and off the ice by inspiring others to reach their full potential and become champions themselves; six Stanley Cup championships and two Hart Trophy wins cemented his greatness throughout his long career.

Messier was not only the iconic face of the Oilers during their dynastic run but was also revered in New York as captain for 54-years with Rangers to win their first Stanley Cup title under him. His legacy will live on in both of these teams as well as throughout the NHL itself.

Messier has had an indelible mark on hockey that can still be felt today. His competitive spirit and drive to succeed have influenced generations of players who have followed in his footsteps; Messier remains one of the most decorated players in NHL history and will always be revered as an icon of the sport.

Mark Messier earned his place among hockey’s greatest players through years of hard work and sacrifice over nearly 30 professional seasons. No matter your sports preferences or passion, no matter if you follow or appreciate athletes like Wayne Gretzky and Bobby Orr – Mark Messier stands as an unmistakable icon who will go down in history along with them.

Frequently asked questions

Who is Mark Messier?

Mark Messier was a Canadian former professional ice hockey player who enjoyed a 25-year career in the National Hockey League (NHL). Widely considered one of the greatest players ever, Messier holds numerous NHL records for regular season goals, assists, and points by centers.

What awards and accolades has Mark Messier won in his career?

Mark Messier is one of the greatest players in NHL history, winning six Stanley Cups, two Conn Smythe Trophies, a Hart Trophy and two Lester B. Pearson Awards – in addition to being inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame and named to the NHL 100 list in 2017. Additionally, Messier has been chosen for 14 NHL All-Star Games and named one of The Hockey News’s 100 Greatest NHL Players list in 1998.

How many Stanley Cup championships has Mark Messier won?

Mark Messier has won six Stanley Cup championships. Five came with Edmonton Oilers (1984, 1985, 1987, 1988 and 1990), and one with New York Rangers in 1994.

What teams did Mark Messier play for during his NHL career?

Mark Messier played for three NHL teams during his career: Edmonton Oilers, New York Rangers and Vancouver Canucks.

How did Mark Messier become an NHL legend?

Mark Messier became an NHL icon through hard work, talent, and leadership. His skill on the ice was unmatched: one of the NHL’s most prolific scorers ever was also one of its toughest defenders; while as captain of both Edmonton Oilers and New York Rangers he inspired teammates to reach their maximum potential and was widely revered as one of its greatest hockey players ever. Due to these remarkable career achievements he is widely considered one of the greats.

What was the most memorable moment of Mark Messier’s career?

Mark Messier’s greatest career achievement came when he led the New York Rangers to their first Stanley Cup title since 1954 in 1994. Messier scored a hat trick during Game 6 of the Finals before guaranteeing their victory – which they did! This momentous victory cemented Messier as one of hockey’s legendary figures and earned him one of his final accolades as captain of this iconic franchise.

How many points did Mark Messier score in his NHL career?

Mark Messier amassed 1,887 points during his 25-season professional hockey career – 694 goals and 1,193 assists! This impressive total included 694 goals scored as well as 1,193 assists.

Was Mark Messier ever inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame?

Yes, Mark Messier was officially honored with induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2007. Though eligible since 1998, it took until his fifth year of eligibility before this honor could be bestowed upon him.

Did Mark Messier ever captain a team to a Stanley Cup victory?

Yes, Mark Messier led the New York Rangers to their first Stanley Cup championship win since 1984 (1986). Furthermore, he was part of an Edmonton Oilers team that won three consecutive Cups from 1984-1986.

Is there a statue of Mark Messier anywhere?

Yes, Mark Messier has his own statue outside Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta. The life-sized bronze sculpture was unveiled in October 2016 as part of an ongoing series that honors NHL greats who have contributed significantly to Edmonton’s hockey legacy.

How many times did Mark Messier win the Hart Trophy as MVP?

Mark Messier won the Hart Trophy as NHL MVP twice – in 1990 and 1992.

Did Mark Messier ever coach an NHL team after he retired from playing hockey?

Yes, Mark Messier did coach an NHL team after retiring as a player – the New York Rangers from June 2000 until May 2004.

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