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Dominik Hasek, a legendary figure in the world of ice hockey, was an elite professional for two decades. During that time he won two Stanley Cups and six Vezina Trophies; widely considered one of the greatest goalies in NHL history. Explore more about Dominik Hasek's life and career here.


Dominik Hazek is widely considered as one of the greatest goalie players ever. Over his long career, he earned numerous honors and accolades for his remarkable performances on the ice – six Vezina Trophy winners, twice Hart Memorial Trophy winners, and twice Stanley Cup champions. Domink gained notoriety for his unique but efficient style which earned him the nickname The Dominator. This article will give an overview of Dominik’s life and career highlights which make him one of hockey’s greatest legends.

Dominik Hasek's Career Overview

Dominik Hasek was a Czech professional ice hockey goaltender who played for Detroit Red Wings, Buffalo Sabres and Ottawa Senators of the National Hockey League (NHL). Known for being an extraordinary goaltender during his era he earned six Vezina Trophies as best goaltender as well as two Hart Memorial Trophies as most valuable player – winning both Stanley Cups with Detroit in 1998 and 2002.

Hasek began his professional career at HC Pardubice in Czechoslovakia, quickly becoming one of the premier goaltenders. In 1990 he signed with Chicago Blackhawks – becoming just the third European-born goaltender ever to play in the NHL at that time. Following four seasons in Chicago he was traded to Buffalo Sabres where he went on to become one of their most beloved players over eight seasons.

Hasek joined Detroit and helped guide them to their first Stanley Cup championship since 1955. Following that, he briefly returned to Buffalo before concluding his NHL career with Ottawa in 2008. Over his 16-year NHL career, Hasek earned numerous awards and accolades for his incredible play between the pipes.

Dominik Hasek's Accomplishments

Dominik Hasek stands as one of the greatest goaltenders ever seen in the NHL, his accomplishments speaking volumes to both his skill and devotion to hockey.

Hasek began his NHL career with the Chicago Blackhawks, winning the Calder Memorial Trophy as best rookie. Following this trade to Buffalo Sabres in 1992, Hasek quickly established himself as a fan favorite, garnering two Vezina Trophies and two Hart Trophies simultaneously for best goaltender and most valuable player awards – making him one of only seven players ever to do so in one year!

Hasek joined the Detroit Red Wings in 2001 and led them to back-to-back Stanley Cup Championships between 2002 and 2008 with some incredible feats of goaltending; his records include most saves in one season (2,153), fewest goals allowed per game (18.7), lowest save percentage (.922) and being honored into Hockey Hall of Fame 2014. Hasek will forever remain one of history’s great goaltenders.

Dominik Hasek's Impact on the NHL

Dominik Hasek will never be forgotten for his incredible impact in the NHL, which will never be underestimated.

Hasek was known for his distinctive goaltending style; employing unconventional techniques like diving across the crease and making saves that other goalies couldn’t manage, Hasek earned himself the moniker “The Dominator.” Due to this remarkable technique he managed to pull off saves that seemed almost impossible and became popular across his journeys, becoming fan favorites wherever he played.

Hasek quickly rose to become one of Europe’s foremost ambassadors for hockey; helping popularize it in countries such as Czech Republic and Slovakia. Additionally, he championed causes that would assist young players develop their skills so that they could achieve their full potential.

Dominik Hasek made innumerable contributions to hockey; his skillful goaltending style revolutionized goaltending in the NHL while spreading hockey throughout Europe. His legacy will live on for many years.

Dominik Hasek's Post-Playing Career

Dominik Hasek has remained active since retiring from professional hockey in 2008, receiving induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2014. Since returning home in 2017 as head coach of HC Dynamo Pardubice he has played an instrumental role in helping develop some of its younger players.

Hasek is active with various charitable organizations and initiatives beyond coaching, including The Dominik Hasek Foundation which promotes sports for children and young adults with physical disabilities. Additionally, he serves as goodwill ambassador for Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia while being actively involved with numerous other charitable causes worldwide.

Hasek has also expanded into other business endeavors since retiring from hockey, including owning multiple restaurants across Europe and joining political party TOP09 in Czech Republic.

Dominik Hasek’s post-playing career stands as evidence of his lasting effect on hockey; his presence remains an integral part of both hockey and philanthropic communities worldwide.


Dominik Hasek will forever be remembered as one of the great goaltenders in NHL history. Over his long career he earned numerous awards and accolades and cemented himself as a top goaltender. With exceptional athleticism, reflexes, mental toughness and mental toughness he became six-time Vezina Trophy and two Hart Memorial Trophy recipients; also winning two Stanley Cup Championships along with both awards in consecutive years! Even after retiring in 2008 Dominik Hasek will always remain one of its finest goaltenders ever.


Dominik Hasek will always be remembered as one of NHL hockey’s all-time great goaltenders due to his dominance and long-term successes. His contributions, both in terms of Vezina Trophy victories or Stanley Cup wins, as well as personal records and world records, will remain immortal. While he may not have been the greatest goalie ever in NHL history, his legacy as one of hockey’s all-time greats won’t fade away with time; rather, it will live on.

Frequently asked questions

How did Dominik Hasek become a professional hockey player?

Dominik Hasek began playing hockey as a child in his hometown of Pardubice, Czech Republic and quickly earned recognition for his exceptional abilities on the ice. Joining his local youth hockey team quickly established himself as an exceptional performer on the ice. After serving his compulsory military service, Hasek signed his first professional contract with HC Pardubice and made his first Czechoslovakian Extraliga debut during 1983-1984 season. Hasek went on to play for various European clubs before entering the National Hockey League (NHL) with Chicago Blackhawks in 1990 and would go on to win two Vezina Trophies and a Stanley Cup Championship while there. Additionally he would go on to play for Buffalo Sabres, Detroit Red Wings, Ottawa Senators before finally calling it quits in 2008.

What awards and honors has Dominik Hasek won during his career?

Dominik Hasek has earned numerous honors during his storied NHL career, such as:

– Six Vezina Trophies (given annually to the best goaltender in the NHL)

– And Two Hart Memorial Trophies (honored as most valuable players)

– Lester B. Pearson Awards (honored as most outstanding players as chosen by his peers)

– Three William M. Jennings Trophies (given to goalies who play on teams that allow fewest goals against)

– One Stanley Cup Championship with Detroit Red Wings in 2002

– Hockey Hall of Fame Induction (2014)

How many NHL teams has Dominik Hasek played for?

Dominik Hasek has played on four NHL teams during his career – Chicago Blackhawks, Buffalo Sabres, Detroit Red Wings and Ottawa Senators.

What is the record of Dominik Hasek's wins and losses?

Dominik Hasek amassed an outstanding career win-loss record of 389-223-95 over 18 seasons as an NHL player from 1990 to 2008. During that span, he won two Vezina Trophies, six All Star selections and two Hart Trophy awards – no easy feat in an ever-evolving sport like hockey!

What style of goaltending does Dominik Hasek use?

Dominik Hasek was famous for his unconventional goaltending style. A pioneer of the “butterfly style,” Hasek employed quickness and agility when moving across the crease in order to make saves quickly and agilely. Additionally, his unique and unconventional technique often left fans speechless and earned him the moniker “The Dominator”.

Which team did Dominik Hasek win the Stanley Cup with?

Dominik Hasek won the Stanley Cup with the Detroit Red Wings in 2002.

Who are some of the notable players that have played alongside Dominik Hasek?

Dominik Hasek has shared the ice with notable players such as Joe Sakic, Peter Forsberg, Jarome Iginla, Teemu Selanne and Steve Yzerman as well as Brendan Shanahan Brian Rafalski Chris Chelios Scott Niedermayer and Sergei Fedorov – to name but a few.

Is there any documentary or movie made about Dominik Hasek's life and career?

Dominik Hasek: The Dominator was released in 2017 and features interviews with legendary goaltender, as well as interviews from family members, teammates, coaches, opponents and fans of Dominik Hasek himself. Additionally, this documentary offers highlights from his impressive career – which included two Stanley Cup Championships and six Vezina Trophies – as well as family interviews.

When was Dominik Hasek inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame?

Dominik Hasek was honored to receive an induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2014.

Has Dominik Hasek ever been chosen for an All-Star game?

Yes, Dominik Hasek has been selected multiple times for an NHL All-Star Game. Between 1994 and 2008 he earned nine selections, the most of any goaltender in NHL history.

What other sports did Dominik Hasek play before becoming a professional hockey player?

Dominik Hasek was an accomplished multi-sport athlete prior to becoming a professional hockey player, competing in tennis tournaments during his teenage years while also participating in soccer, volleyball, and basketball while growing up in Czech Republic.

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